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Patrick Manifold

Professional Athlete • Author • Motivational Speaker • Personal Coach

There are not many products I can list that have made a real positive impact on my basketball career, but the custom made orthotics I received from Northern Prosthetics and Orthotics have really made a difference. I no longer suffer from the same pains in my shins I used to, and I believe that is mainly thanks to my custom made orthotics.

As a professional athlete my health is essential to my success, but for years I was plagued with excruciating pain in my lower legs from over-training and not wearing the correct footwear. But—thanks to Cory and his team—I am now able to play pain free, and be at my best year in and year out, wherever I play in the world.

The whole team at N P & O are extremely professional, reliable, and simply the best at what they do. Add the fact that they are all kind and caring people, and you have a business I would recommend to anyone and everyone; whether you're a high level athlete looking to be at your best, or someone simply looking to eradicate some pain, there is no place better than Northern Prosthetics & Orthotics in Presque Isle, Maine, USA.

- Patrick Manifold