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Zach Cote and Parents

I am Zachary Cote of Limestone, ME and was diagnosed with cancer on my left ankle in November of 2009. I am a survivor and a below knee amputee now. I have been seeing Cory at Northern Prosthetics since before the operation that happened in December, because I had a lot of questions about everything that was going to happen to me and wanted to know what to expect. I also wanted to know if I would still be able to do the things I love doing such as hanging out with friends and doing sports. I am so thankful that he is someone that has been through it all and understands what I’m going through. It is really great to have someone like him here in Northern Maine! I strongly recommend anyone that needs prosthetic services in this area to go to Northern Prosthetics. They are very welcoming and helpful.

- Zach Cote

As parents of a teen amputee son, we have been seeing Cory Laplante at Northern Prosthetics since December 2009. We have been so blessed to have him as a mentor for our son to look up to. We have found Northern Prosthetics to have such a pleasant atmosphere that they feel like Family to us. Always willing to answer any and all questions our son has, yet at the same time very professional and prompt at taking care of every little detail. We are very pleased with the relationships we have found at Northern Prosthetics and would recommend anyone that needs these services to support his business.

- Zach Cote's Parents