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Welcome back Patrick and Chelsea!

Dan, Patrick, Ashley Pratick basketball Chelsea, Patrick, Cory

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Patrick Manifold and Chelsea back to our office and making a new set of foot orthotics for Patrick, who became a professional athlete, author, motivational speaker and personal coach following his graduation from the University of Maine at Presque Isle.

Dan White, BOCPO and Ashley Ballanger, Lab Manager fabricated the new foot orthotics in our state-of-the-art lab for Patrick, and Cory LaPlante, CP/Owner enjoyed the Presque Isle sunshine with Patrick and Chelsea.

We wish Patrick the best as he begins a new basketball season!

To learn more about Patrick Manifold, visit…

Patrick Manifold
Professional Athlete | Author | Motivational Speaker | Coach
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Welcome Cork Board

New staff members!

We are pleased to welcome two new staff members! Ashley Ballanger joins us as Lab Manager and Shawn Beaulieu is our new Front Desk Receptionist! We are very excited to have them as part of our team!


FIN FAB, LLC announces the AMP FIN™

Our sister company, FIN FAB, LLC (the fabrication phase of AMP FIN™) is pleased to announce that AMP FIN™ has recently acquired a Medicare number and has been unveiled to the North East Chapter of the Veterans' Administration. We are excited about our upcoming visit on April 20th to Walter Reed Medical Center through the Department of Defense to explore the possibility of both recreational and rehabilitation advantages for the use of AMP FIN™ to globally serve lower limb amputee patients in both the civilian and military sectors. For more information, visit www.ampfins.com

Eileen takes her first steps with her new Socket-less Socket.™

We would like to thank Joel Schulz, CP for coming to our facility from Oklahoma City to help us provide our first Socket-less Socket.™ With his help, we watched as our patient, Eileen took her first steps utilizing this state-of-the-art technology. Her smile filled us all with a sense of accomplishment and joy!

At Northern Prosthetics & Orthotics, we are proud to offer this brand new technology to our prosthetic patients.

To learn more about Socket-less Socket™ technology, go to: https://vimeo.com/147877094

Eileen Close Up Eileen Smiling Joel, Eileen, and Cory Eileen with Hands Raised

Northern Prosthetics teams up with Martin Bionics

There is brand new, cutting edge technology for prosthetic patients, and Northern Prosthetics & Orthotics is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Martin Bionics to bring this line of products to our patients here in Aroostook County!

As all Prosthetists know, the greatest single challenge for prosthetic fitting is volume fluctuation, and Martin Bionics’ new Socket-less Socket™ technology is designed to address this issue and eliminate the need for multiple socks to accommodate these volume changes.

During the month of August, NP&O will be flying one of Martin Bionics representatives from Oklahoma City to our facility here in Presque Isle to train our Prosthetists in order to provide Socket-less Socket™ technology to our patients.

To learn more about Socket-less Socket ™ technology, please visit www.martinbionics.com.