Walking Systems

Northern Prosthetics & Orthotics works closely with patient’s physicians and therapists to form a team dedicated to providing patients with a wide range of options of products to assist patients with various types of walking systems to aid with stability and mobility issues. Our goal is to help our patients experience more independence in their day-to day activities thereby providing them with an increased quality of life.

WalkAide® System

The WalkAide® device is used to assist patients with a diagnosis of dropfoot (also known as footdrop). This condition causes a person to either drag the foot or use a high-stepping walk called steppage gait. The WalkAide® device provides functional electrical stimulation (FES) to improve walking ability in people with dropfoot.

Walking Aid

TAOS® System

The TAOS® (Therapeutic Ambulatory Orthotic System) is a hands free walking system that was developed to aid pediatric patients with Cerebral Palsy and other neuromotor impairments to gain mobility utilizing a mobility base unit. This system allows patients who have previously been wheelchair bound to be in an upright hands free walking position.


TAOS Unit Northern Prosthetics